Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Turning over a new branch thingy........Oh ! Leaf.

And no, this is not a New Years resolution.

Of late, my posting has been very lax. When I first started blogging, I was full of enthusiasm to enter this new exciting world. Fascinated by what little old me could do with HTML and all that. I visited and became quite chatty with complete strangers and even met, courted and persuaded my current wife to abandon all she knew and loved in the good ol' USA to marry me and live in a civilised country.

Note to wife: I'm only joking sweetheart.

She reads my posts and constantly beats me you know, but apart from that, we love each other really.

I digress.

My first blog, squirrels pinnacle, was abandoned and I went AWOL for a long time. There was always that nagging thought between my ears that I should get back and start venting my spleen and thumping that keyboard again.

So it's finger out of arse time and full steam ahead to blogworld and if I start slacking off, I am relying on you out there to send threatening reminders through the ether.

I've linked some of my regulars, a few of the blogs I used to frequent a couple of years ago and some new ones I think are a good read. Nothing heavy or political mind, just a good chuckle is required.

We are only a short time on this fucked up planet we all live on, so let's make the most of it and try to cheer each other up.

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Mike said...

Happy New Year Krip. I'll be looking forward to more posts from you. Unfortunately my postings have died down over the past year, mainly due to pressure of work.