Saturday, January 07, 2006

F.A.Cup time again

It's that time of year again. One that I and thousands of footy fans relish.

The F.A. Cup Third Round.

Where the minnows are pitched in against the megaclubs and oh don't we all just love seeing some mighty behemoth brought to its knees by some dinky little local club.

The game to watch must be lowly Burton Albion v Man U. Certainly a game I will be watching.

My beloved West Ham are away to Norwich. So that's us out then. Although we have actually won the FA Cup, we all too often never proceed further than the third round. Shit or bust I am afraid where it concerns the Hammers.


Simon said...

You got past Delia's boys ok, it may be your year after all. West Ham were always one of my favourite's from the old days, I visited Upton Park one scary Wednesday night to watch us (Man City) and got a good chase, eventually hiding in a downstairs Wimpy. Happy days.

the letter b said...

i know this took place many moon's ago - 1996 if my memory serves me correctly - but when news broke that york city thrashed manyooo, i found meself chortling. to everyone's bewilderment.

krip said...

West Ham in the fourth round. Must be our year then.

b - Man yoo nearly ended up a 'Burton' :)