Saturday, January 07, 2006

It's witchunt time again

I see that once more our delightful media have ruined another man's career, prompting the knives to come out for the unlucky bastard, with his so called friends joining the queue to kick him out.

This time the poor unfortunate is the Liberal Party leader, Charles Kennedy.

Does anybody else think it is quite frightening the power that the media have over life in general? I am all for freedom of speech et al, but I think they push the boundaries too far some times and should be reigned in occasionally.

Ok, so the guy's got a drink problem. He's getting it sorted. Everybody knows that all politicians lie for a living, so what's new here then?

Personally. I think the guy should stand his ground and if his Liberal Party practised what they preached, they would support him instead of kicking him when he is down.

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