Monday, January 09, 2006

I'd rather take a dim view

I travel along the M2 every morning to get to work and although I only use about a four mile section, it is lit from end to end.

It sometimes makes me wonder why we have headlights on our motors at all.

An advantage of having unlit roads, is that everybody tends to drive that much carefully and what a saving of energy as well. I am the boring old fart who rarely exceeds 60 mph on this stretch and it seems that every other motorist passes me whatever the conditions. Unless there is snow on the deck, I see no measurable difference in speed or care of driving.

Oh well, that is my week off to a good start. A good old whinge. You cannot beat it.


Shooting Parrots said...

There must be some of those arcane rules about where motorways are and aren't lit. Urban areas, yep there they are, but rural you're in the dark. I wonder if it's one of those light pollution things? I must say that long stretches of unlit m-way become a tad disorientating.

krip said...

With all the driving down my section of motorway over the winter, I think I have developed a tan :)