Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Happy Old Year

Happy New Year?

What about starting a 'Happy Old Year' for those of us who indeed did have a good year last year.

1. Another blissful year with my new wife (that should earn me a few brownie points).
2. I did not go down with an incurable disease.
3. Still got the same job that I have had for 28 years (who says I have no ambition)?
4. My clothes still fit me.
5. Discovering ebay.
6. Holidaying on the canals with my missus and darlin' stepdaughter.
7. Watching missus fall in.
8. Managing to avoid stepping on Barneys turds he regularly deposits in the garden.
9. My MP3 player opening up my dormant awareness of good sounds, old and new.
10. Still enjoying blogging and discovering new like minded folks.

So a 'HAPPY OLD YEAR' to us all.


Shooting Parrots said...

Missed the bit about Alice falling in the canal. Tell us more!

krip said...

When pushing us off at the bows, my Dad decided to assist her from the boat. Needless to say, before she knew where she was, Mrs K was stretched twixt boat and shore past the point of no return.
She managed to hang onto the side, so technically only her lower legs got wet.
I didn't start laughing till she did. Honest:)

alfie said...

I smell 'smugness' here I think...

As regard falling in - the last time I did it was on the Norfolk Broads, just jumping off with the rope at Wroxham. My target was a sort of jetty next to a pub - as it was a nice day the Landlord had put out a load of tables and chairs out for a load of old biddies to take in the rays.

The bow of the boat neared, I jumped, I slipped and my shin came crashing down on the edge of the jetty and my feet went into the water....

The pain was unbelievable, I could hardly breath, except that is, to swear my head off at the top of my voice.....

Just then, I heard a voice, "Eeee, are you alright there love" ... It was the nearest Granny expressing her concern.

I looked down at my baggy shorts, below them was a deep purple bruise and a lump the size of an 8 month gone pregnant woman on my almost broken leg.....

I learned something about gravity and friction that day.The Granny and her mates learned some new swear words...

krip said...

Why is it the minor accidents are the ones that always hurt so much?

Ahhhhh.....the Norfolk Broads. I went there before it resembled Venice in the rush hour.