Thursday, January 12, 2006

Just scraped out of that one

Every time we wake in the morning and find that Jack Frost has given us a visit, I cannot help but smile to myself when I see many a struggling soul scraping the frost off their windscreens.

All that grunting and sighing as you scrape like fuck to get that last obstinate bit of ice off the part of the screen that you actually look through. Yes, it is always there, isn't it?

After a while of watching with wry amusement, I stroll back into the house and root out the watering can.

"What the fuck does he want with a watering can?" I hear you cry.

Lesson on how to start work on a freezing morning without having to expend the amount of energy used to power the Titanic.

1. Fill said watering can with TEPID tap water.
2. Walk to car looking slightly smug
3. Pour water over all windows.
4. Step back and admire all your clear windows.
5. Voila, job done.

And an added bonus is that once you get in, the windows do not steam up at all.

Result is calmness personified as you drive to your days labour relaxed and chilled.

I must reiterate that you use tepid water and not boiling as some idiot did once and wondered why his windscreen cracked resembling a spiders web. I got this useful little snippet from the AA, so do not be scared.

P.S. Anyone know how to stop the mirror steaming up?


Shooting Parrots said...

Answer? Use it before you shower ;0)

krip said...

LOL :)

wonkotsane said...

The only way to stop your interior mirror steaming up is to raise its temperature. It's the difference between the temperature of the mirror (cold) and the air around it (including your hot breath) that causes the steam.

krip said...

Better get out the blowtorch then.

Disgusted said...

Rain Stop. Its what I use on my very old car, as its idea of a heater is another overcoat!