Saturday, January 28, 2006

Our wonderful youth

Today I became yet another statistic that our politicians love to spout about.

On getting in my car this morning, I noticed a few small stones in the snow on the roof. Kids, I thought. Nothing better to do than piss about and be a general nuisance. Mrs K and I were just popping down to the local shops for a couple of things. We were only there for around an hour or so and by the time we arrived back at my trusty motor, the previous nights snow had melted off. To reveal deep scratch marks in the paintwork of the bonnet and nearside panels. These kids were obviously the ones I had an altercation with a couple of weeks ago.

My neighbour had come to our door at the time, visibly distressed about the fact that a gang of young darlings had been running around our properties and just been a general pain in the arse.

I was not going to put up with this. On going out that evening, they were all milling about outside our driveway. About six or seven of them all around fifteen or sixteen years old. We had words from which I basically told them that, if I saw them hanging around here again, my trusty cricket bat might get an airing. Unfortunately, I was standing by my car at the time and they obviously clocked it. Hence the vandalism.

I am not particularly bothered about the car. It is thirteen years young and it's got a few scrapes and dents, so a few more scratches makes no difference to me. What really pisses me off, is that these upstanding young citizens have got away with it and there is nothing I can do about it. Obviously, if I caught them doing anything untoward I will act upon it because it is a waste of time calling the boys in blue. My neighbour called them three times when the original anti-social behaviour began and at no time did any police officer arrive on the scene to investigate. A sign of the times I am afraid.

What scares me a little, is that if I come across these little shits, I may not be responsible for my actions and I will be the one ending up in nick.

Let me tell you. We are not far away from upstanding and law abiding citizens like myself forming our own vigilante groups to get rid of the scum wandering the street sticking their fingers up at society. You cannot rely on the police at all. Virtually everybody I speak to has lost all trust in our local constabulary.

What is this once proud country coming to? What has happened to respect, politeness, good manners and just being plain courteous?

Bring back hanging.
Bring back corporal punishment in the schools.
Line up all of societies liberal do gooders and shoot the lot of them.

I am now going up the pub to get bladdered and woe betide any little pricks who upset me tonight.....


the letter b said...

and i'm sure national service will do alot of good for these young scum. even the youth over here doesn't fare better but the male half usually turn out ok once they completed their NS.

yet them bints are getting worse with each successive "generation" - there were a few recommendations over the years that they be conscripted for NS too, but no! they are considered too fragile for the basic military training! and i thought they demanded - soz, were given equal opportunities for just everything under the sun.

krip said...

Trouble is that todays services have their hands tied with 'nanny state' rules and regs.
Shouting at the poor delicates might upset them and as for physical punishments, a no no.
A lot of our most experienced NCO's are now leaving the forces because of lack of support from their superiors with respect to discipline and training.
So I am afraid I cannot see any form of National Service being the answer to this problem.

the letter b said...

oh dearie me, not even push ups as punishments? i fear the day when these feral youth's spawn yet another set of scum.

unrelated this, did you read the somewhat latest news about schools discouraging cleverer pupils from putting their hands up to questions in class? and i thought the whole idea behind this is to spur the dimmer/shyer ones on?

krip said...

The dimmer/shyer ones are those prowling our streets.

Blue Witch said...

Little bastards.

Thing is, unless people report ALL crime to the police, the 'statistics' don't allow for more officers to be put on visible duty/patrol in areas where there are problems.

It's still not too late to report it.

And - if and when the little horrors get caught, the crimes may all get linked.

MonicaR said...

Another thing has to be brought back and that is your right to bear arms. IMHO, of course.

krip said...

You can do a lot of damage with a cricket bat............

wonkotsane said...

I used to have an ornamental window with 12 panes of glass on the side of my house in the porch facing an alleyway. Every single pane of glass is broken and the window has been borded up for a couple of years now. There's no point replacing it - our next door neighbour put a double glazed window in hers and the little darlings managed to smash that as well.

One night we heard someone smash a window so I went out into the back garden and climbed up the fence to see what was going on. I shouted at the gang o'lads and one of them said "sorry". I said "wait there". They ran.

So I legged it through the house and out through the front door and followed them about a quarter of a mile with no shoes or coat on. They obviously didn't expect me to follow them because they didn't notice me. They stopped outside my mother-in-law's house so I walked past and fetched my brother-in-law as a witness in case one of them claimed I had hit them.

We went and challenged them, they looked shit scared and started stuttering excuses.

"Where have you been lads?"
"Just you know hanging around"
"I know where you've been - you've been smashing my f**king windows"
"Er er er ..." etc.

I phoned the police and told them to get there sharpish or I'd be giving the little scrotes a clip round the ear. A couple of minutes later plod turned up and bawled at these kids until they were almost in tears and then carted them off home. They couldn't do anything because I hadn't seen them smash the window and they were too young.

krip said...

Good for you. I am afraid the old bill would have to turn up pretty damn quick, otherwise my patience would run out with the little darlings.

Tommy said...

Next time, phone the police, complain, hang up. Wait a few minutes, phone the police again and cancel the complaint, tell them they are no longer required as you have handled it yourself... by shooting one of them. Then hang up.
And wait.
They'll come.
Works everytime. :)

krip said...

Yeah, I heard about that one as well :)