Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Life on Mars

At last. Something on the box that is worth refusing that last pint and rushing home to see.
I am of course referring to 'Life on Mars'. A story about a modern day detective who is injured in an accident and wakes up in the year 1973. He has to join the local old bill and fight crime the 1970's way.

Remember the day prisoners 'fell down the steps' and injured themselves helping the police with their inquiries? A mate of mine joined the old bill in the early seventies and a lot of what they portray in the storylines is very close to how it was.

Being a pubescent child of that era, I love hearing the soundtrack of old favourites like Bowie, Slade, Sweet et al. Seeing packets of No.6 fags and Party Sevens. Remember them?

And the clothes. Huge collared flowery shirts and flares......sigh. We knew how to dress then lads, didn't we?

Oh how nice to wallow in nostalgia.

When we were young, eh.


wonkotsane said...

Before my time. ;o)

The teenage car theif in the 2nd or 3rd episode goes to the same stage school as my eldest.

krip said...

So we will be expecting your eldest on the small screen then?

Mike said...

It's a cracking program and it's going to end much too soon.

wonkotsane said...

He might get on the telly in a few years. They've had a few kids on recently.