Monday, February 13, 2006

Saddam in starve threat

The mass murderer aka Saddam Hussein has declared that he will go on hunger strike.

Go for it son. You have my full support. Save us all a lot of time and money if you topped yourself.

Which you will not of course, being the coward that you are.


Mr.D. said...

Would he be martyred as The Desert (Bobby) Sands?

krip said...

Not if they wrap him up in pigskin he won't.

Blue Witch said...

No-one else would be allowed to behave the way he has in his 'trial', I'm sure.

Let's hoep they spin out his trial and he dies a very long slow death. Evil, evil man.

Anonymous said...

Now Saddam is in the hands of those provided him shelter and chemical arms and financial helps for his cruel actions. After he turned aginst the US, for their interest, he is in custody. US never wish him to die, if they had such wish, it should be happen when he was captured from his hideouts. Yes, all for "American Interest", this is called "AMERICAN DEMOCRACY:.