Monday, February 13, 2006

Stirring a hornets nest

I am convinced that the British tabloid newspapers are in cahoots with the insurgents operating within Iraq.

What other reason do they have to publish video of British soldiers venting out their frustrations on thugs who had just recently been stoning them.

Surely, by publishing this the papers concerned are inciting race hate.

This is against the law.

They broke the law of this country.

Why are they not being prosecuted?

If a British squaddie dies as a result of this, his blood is on their hands.


Anonymous said...

And right after all that "cartoon rage" stuff too.

what unbelievably stupid timing by News of the World.

i hope that no squaddies and none of their families buy that rag from now on.

an utter disgrace of a newspaper.

bazza27 said...

totally agree, but don't single out the NOTW it wasn't that long ago that the Mirror was at it.

Tommy said...

Spot on mate. Well said.

krip said...

bazza27: The tabloids fight over themselves to get the latest 'exclusive' on our boys.

tommy: Love your 'Rose of England' animation.

kennamatic said...

It's this sort of "reporting" if you can even call it that which led to me giving up buying newspapers 20 years ago and I haven't bought one since.