Friday, March 03, 2006

Hopes dashed

Came across a great free web editor the other day. It goes by the name of BlueVoda and is absolutely brilliant if you are a thicko when it comes to HTML and all that. Like me.

You can create your own design webpages using drag and drop with no knowledge of HTML at all.

Great, I thought. I can design my own blog to my own specifications and all for free.

Problem #1. Any template designed by BlueVoda is not compatible with Blogger

Problem #2. If you wish to publish onto the net, you have to open an account (which costs sponduliks) with. Yes, you guessed it, BlueVoda.

Not quite free then, is it?

P.S. Does anyone know of any FREE (I am a tight git) gizmos where I can make my own template/blog with my limited abilities?


TGN said...

t=you could try NVU or netscape composer, theses dont have drag and drop facility but dont need practically any html knowledge. Blogger templates are made with CSS not HTML and no similar editor is available for css though NVU supports CSS
the best way would be to doenload a template freom any of the numereous sites and alter it using NVU then paste the template in your blogger.

I have Moved On to wordpress because i dont like most of the templates in blogger, and the really good ones cost dollars.

krip said...

tgn: Thanks for the tip.

alison said...

I liked the look of typepad blogs and asked for some advice about changing - heard back that wordpress was the best.