Monday, March 06, 2006

Oh my brain hurts

Whilst perusing the ceiling tiles at work today (work is slow at the moment), I was puzzled over a phenomenon that occurred to me.

Why is it that a man of my age (I've just passed my half-century) cannot remember the beginning of a book when I am half way through, yet upon hearing one of today's new songs on the radio just a couple of times, I can whistle/hum/la-de-da the tune virtually note perfect with no encouragement from anybody or thing?

I find myself absent-mindedly joining in with songs on the radio without realising it.

I have a musical brain methinks and it is so bloody annoying when I forget characters within stories. Do you find yourself flipping back through the pages, trying to pick up the thread of the story?

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Anonymous said...

Oy, music's in the other half of your brain, which is not so busy as the...whichever half you normally live in. Righthanded folks usually live in their Left brain, innit? If so music's a right brain having the piano in the spare bedroom.
I can usually recognize and name a pop tune from the last forty years or more in the first three notes.

Doug in Colorado
Also a musician.
Also over Fifty.