Monday, March 06, 2006

"We shall fight them in the air"

Being a mere toddler, I was lucky enough not to even be a twinkle in my Dads eye when WW2 was being thrashed out, but there is nothing that stirs my heart and brings a lump to my throat more than the sound of a Merlin engine roaring overhead.

Yes, I am talking about that most beautiful of aircraft, the Spitfire.

This weekend, several of these wonderful machines flew over the Solent in recognition of seventy years since the day of their creation.

What a sight.

What a sound.

Being a Man of Kent, I often hear that distinctive growl whilst out walking in the countryside. At the height of Summer in the 'airshow season', they can occasionally be heard and seen flitting between airfields. It makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

We sure have a lot to thank RJ Mitchell for by giving us this superb aeroplane which was instrumental in defeating the Hun at our time of need.

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alison said...

We went to the VE day celebrations last July (it was just after the terrorists struck). Thousands walked up the Mall to BuckPalace, when we got there dozens of WW2 planes flew overhead. It was incredible to see and hear. A truly great day i will never forget. Watching those planes come towards the Palace was spectacular. Rather poignantly the day ended with thousands of poppies released from said planes and out of the corner of my eye i spotted a young man walk up to a veteran in a wheelchair, take his hand and thank him. The vet was reduced to tears. As was I!