Saturday, April 08, 2006

And they're off

Well the sweepstake has been swept and I am nervously clutching my little ticket with 'Silver Birch' on it.

I am, of course, talking about the 4.15 at Aintree aka The Grand National horse race. This is an annual event where normally sane people decide to sit astride a highly strung piece of horseflesh and then proceed to jump over hedges in an effort to get to the finishing line first.

What possesses anybody to get on a horse, I don't know. Look at Christopher Reeve. You will never get me on a horses back as long as my arse points downwards, yet these idiots actually hurtle along at frightening speeds without being entirely in control of the beast.

If that horse decides to stop/chuck you off/have a crap mid race, there 'aint nothing you can really do about it. He's bigger than you and he knows it.

All I hope for is that no horse gets injured or worse, killed (couldn't give a toss about the jockeys). The mortality rate in the National is too high for my liking.

My selection in the sweepstake has been pulled up at his last two races, so I will not be holding my breath for a sight of the winners enclosure. Still at 28-1, who knows.


BarnGoddess said...

I hope no horses get killed either! Interesting view on horses
: )

Alison said...

One of them died. Bastard race. It is incredible, exciting and, exhilarating to watch though. Must be the roman in us.

krip said...

I feel very uncomfortable watching this form of sport, so I very rarely do.