Monday, April 10, 2006

Shock, horror.............

Just a few examples of the shit I came across in our mainstream media over the weekend.

1. Prince Harry seen in lap dancing club.

2. Bird flu strikes in Fife.

3. Bush's secret plans to nuke Iran.

Why wouldn't Prince Harry go to a lap dancing club? It's what lads of his age do.

Does anybody, apart from the media, a few unemployed scientists and a sprinkling of poultry farmers give a toss about this so called pandemic coming our way?

George Dubya's plans wouldn't be secret if they are splashed across the papers.

Just three examples of the degeneration of our media.



Alison said...

Couldnt agree more. I thought the Harry nazi stuff/bashing photographer was a load of hysterical rubbish too. I like the guy. He has a sense of humour. His brother does also - the chav thing in the papers today was very very funny. I suppose ill have to pity the modern media, since they take themselves too seriously by half. Either that or ill go mad!

Wolfie said...

Its info-tainment not news, remember that.

BTW. I've met the Windsor boys, they are really sorted and jolly nice chaps and I'm sure one day all will see what a credit they are to the county. Mind you, they can't hold their drink very well - I think they need more practice.

krip said...

I'm pretty sure they are no different to most lads of that age, despite the upbringing.

Alison said...

They both have a sense of humour. I based my reaction to the whole Charles and Diana thing on the two boys. And they love their dad. Good for them.

I should have been Royal Wolfie. I know I missed my vocation. lol.

Have a great Easter weekend.