Monday, May 29, 2006

Animal Rights Activists. Are they losing the plot?

Yep, I think that most of us upstanding, law abiding (occasionally) citizens are just getting a tad tired of these nutters who go around terrifying innocent people in the name of animal welfare.

If that is what you think they are 'fighting' for, then my dog doesn't lick his balls.

I abhor any violence or cruelty to any animal, apart from several people I could name, but to repeat an oft mentioned subject relating to this matter, you only have to observe the advantages that diabetics have gained through modern drugs that were invented with the aid of animal research.

Take this scenario.

1. An 'animal activist' couple have a beautiful child which they obviously love dearly.
2. That child succumbs to a terminal illness.
3. The only way to alleviate the child's suffering is to administer drugs that were devised by the use of animal research.

I hope this never happens, but the choice is obvious.

What say your beliefs if this was the predicament that any of us could face?

We do not live in Utopia. Sometimes we have to make tough decisions on sensistive issues. I hate the idea of any animal suffering pain in the search for a better quality of life for my fellow human beings, but these decisions have to be made whether we like them, or not.


Chris Pittock said...

Here, here. I couldn't agree with you more.

Shooting Parrots said...

I take your point and agree on the whole, but were I an animal rights actvist, I would allow my child the drug and rationalise it away on the grounds that the drug had already been developed and any suffering had already happened and it would denigrate the memory of a sweet furry creature that had laid down its life for that of my child!