Monday, May 29, 2006

Time to go

Isn't it about time that 'Jabba the Hutt' departed this government once and for all?

Aren't we all just a little pissed off with seeing that fat smug bastard grinning at us from every available media? The man is just an over hyped, overweight ex union official who is constantly sticking his fingers up at those he is meant to represent. I personally cannot stand the fat git.

So "Piss off Prescott" and make this country a better place to wake up to each morning.

P.S. Think about it. Have you ever seen Jabba the Hutt and John Prescott in the same room together. Ah ha! There you have it.


bazza27 said...

Given events of the past few weeks, and the fact that Prescott is still around, I can only assume he has something on Mr Blair and possibly others in the labour party. Time will tell.

krip said...

He is certainly leading a charmed life.