Saturday, July 08, 2006

Discovering a little gem

On returning home from Barneys walk earlier in the week, Mrs.K excitedly dragged me outside for a little surprise. No, not that sort of surprise.

She had heard a loud thud against our lounge window and on inspection outside, discovered a tiny little bird which had obviously just tried to fly through it. Probably being chased by our resident kestrel that patrols this area.

To my utter joy, it was a fledgling Goldcrest. This is a rare sight indeed around these parts. I have seen the occasional one in the trees that were behind us, but never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would get up close and personal with a little treasure.

Many people wrongly believe that our 'Jenny Wren' is Britain's smallest bird. The Goldcrest, closely followed by its much rarer cousin the Firecrest, has this honour.

The little blighter was obviously stunned, so we procured the standard shoe box with a small piece of cloth and place it in there to give it time to recover. The dark always calms birds down.

"Give it half an hour and we will see how it is" I expertly cried.

Armed with camera thirty minutes later we opened the box to find - nothing. A hole of around half inch diameter was sufficiently big enough to allow him to escape, obviously fully recovered.

It all happens down here in Kent you know.


Jennyta said...

We have those here although, having seen quite a few last yesr, I haven't noticed any this year.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Funny...I didn't see anything about this momentous event on the BBC News nor in the national press.

krip said...

YP: I think you were dead at the time.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

An obtuse response. Post traumatic stress disorder? Actually I am also a crazy bird lover. I feed them morning and evening the whole year through. I'm just jealous that we didn't have a goldcrest to rescue. It's sometimes the minutiae of life that matters and makes us whole.

krip said...

Either of the above. Keep feeding the birds YP, jou know they appreciate it.

Jennyta said...

Now, now, you two - be nice to each other!

Birdman said...

I have seen quite a few near us. They are lovely birds and you can get quite close to them as they tend to ignore you when they are feeding in the trees or bushes. I like the "chinking" noise they make as well. Well done the Krips.