Monday, October 16, 2006

Out of Europe

For those of you who like me are fed up to the back teeth of Brussels trying to run our country and our lives.

Are thoroughly pissed off with faceless, overpaid bureaucrats determining our laws and customs.

Bloody annoyed with political correctness motivated by people alien to this wonderful country, England.

Check out 'speakout' and add your name to the majority of people in England who want out of Europe.


the letter b said...

i was wanting to sign my name up but alas they require a UK post code. i know what your thinking, krip, but then i thought being a shameless anglophile [you know how much the UK or England means to me] is more than enough reason to do so?

Snaps said...

The ball is rolling. I have passed it on asking everybody to sign up and pass it on to all their contacts. Until we get back to our parliament passing our laws our votes are a waste of time.