Friday, October 06, 2006

What price religion?

The recent, but unfortunately, uncommon incident over in the States with those poor little school girls has once again prompted discussion over gun law the other side of the pond.
With Mrs K being a member of one of our former colonies, this entails some interesting discussion.
She argues that.
"American citizens have the right to bear arms to defend themselves" and she also adds that "If they didn't use guns, they would use something else, like a knife for instance."
Now this is where I believe the argument falls over a tad. To actually, physically thrust a knife into living flesh is a lot different than pulling the trigger of a gun.
Sure, there are incidents recorded of these events, but they are minimal compared to gun deaths.
The man was a nutter, that is obvious. The world will always have nutters prepared to do inexplicable things to other members of the human race. As a member of that club (the human race, I mean) I have to accept that these people exist and we will continue hearing these appalling stories once in a while.
My heart goes out to the Amish community that this incident has obviously devastated. These are a peaceful people who live their lives to a strict doctrine and I have no problem with that, but once again, the root of all this death is religion. The perpretator of this crime said he was "angry with god".
Maybe we should ban all religions? Look at all the current and past confrontations that are fought over conflicting beliefs. Too numerous to mention.


the letter b said...

Jedism is a form of religion also but doesn't make a mention of a being called God. what it teaches its followers is to beware of the Dark Side of the Force, etc etc.. blah yadda...etc etc. so perhaps its high time that people should declare themselves as Jedi.

and no i'm not paid to further their cause. i've always fancied myself becomin one of them Jedi knight but can't be arsed to go through all the training :D

krip said...

Plus you get a cool light sabre :)

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I'm right behind you (literally) re the banning of religion. Remember how we used to get those smart young Mormons knocking on doors? Well I think we atheists should follow suit "Excuse me I just wondered if we could have a few minutes of your time to explain why there is no God, no Buddha, no Allah, nothing. It's all a load of bloody tosh!"

davey said...

couldn't agree with you more. We're on the brink of a third world war over a bunch of false floating men in the sky. Imagine if we looked back in history at the "Zeus" people and "Poseidon" people slaughtering each other. "How stupid..." we would think.
Note to the Amish: (oops, they don't use the internet), if this was "God's will" as some have said and also "God will get us through this" as others have said, doesn't it seem weird to ask help of the S.O.B. who did this to you? Amazing the contorted reasoning that has to go on to keep up the myth of a man floating above us who is fair and just.

krip said...

YP: The only thing that makes me REALLY angry on this world is religion. How can seemingly intelligent and decent people believe all this crap? Cannot they open their eyes to all the shit that is happening in the name of 'god'.
davey: If this god is such a good 'ol boy, why does he/she (musn't upset the PC police)allow all this to happen?

Masher said...

I'm with you on this. Religion is a load of tosh,responsible for a lot of deaths, but unfortunately it can't be banned.
When asked my religion, I always use a line paraphrased from Woody Allen:

"I'm a teleological existential athiest...".

This will always raise a quizzical eyebrow, so I go on to explain:

"... I believe that there is intelligent life in the universe... with the exception of some parts of East Hackney and Walthamstow."

Masher said...

You wanna get angry at religion, just watch the video on this site. This woman is testament (pun intended) as to why religion should be banned.