Sunday, November 19, 2006

Leaf blowers


Whilst taking Barney for his morning walk, I came across our local council road sweeper. You know, the lorry with the rotating brush that crawls along at 0.3 mph clearing up life's detritus from the gutter. Following just behind the vehicle was a chap brandishing a leaf blower. There he was wearing the ubiquitous 'high-viz' tabard blowing all this Autumn's leaves onto the grass verge. As he sauntered on his merry way, the aforesaid leaves, with the help of a little breeze, drifted back onto the pathway. You could hear the little blighter's giggling at this poor unfortunates expense. The annoying thing about this little expose, is that the council, funded partly by moi, is probably paying this guy double time for turning out on a Sunday, for absolutely no purpose whatsoever.
The guy who invented this utterly useless contraption should be awarded something for having the foresight to con people out of their hard earned dosh to buy one of these machines in the forlorn hope that it may in fact, improve their lives.
I apologise forthwith to any of you who own a leaf blower. You meant well. Bless.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

To blow or to suck - always one of life's tricky conundrums.

krip said...

Which must rate alongside - to spit or swallow.

Anonymous said...
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