Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Mad Hatter strikes again

So, on one hand Tony Bliar Blair sends troops out to Afghanistan to eradicate the drug problems of the world with the Taliban controlled poppy production and on the other he wants to compensate convicted criminals who have to experience the ordeal of ‘cold turkey’ whilst serving their sentence behind bars, caused by the dependence of aforementioned drugs.

“Tell you what Tone, why don’t we leave the Taliban to their evil trade and give the proceeds to these poor tormented souls undergoing cold turkey and then everyone would be happy, wouldn’t they?”

Well, every crack head and Taliban tribesman would.

Sod the law abiding public.

“Next time you are passing Mr Blair, I will bend over so you may shaft me personally just like you are shafting the rest of us decent citizens.”



Lucy said...

I was a drug addict 35 years ago(what can I say?? It was the 70's). I got busted and I went thru withdrawels "cold turkey." And I never did drugs again. It's an terrible ordeal and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. But I feel "don't do the crime if you can't do the time." These people used the drugs..suffer in silence please.....

This is a stupid decision. I agree with everything you said. Even the PRICK part.

the letterb said...

soz if my comment appears twice. anyway, is Bliar doing a Cameron telling everyone to hug a hoodie - ie: hug a druggie? not literally of course.

krip said...

lucy: Glad you agree with me, especially as you went through it yourself.
b:Trying to appeal to the yoof vote methinks.

Jennyta said...

I also find it incredible that those people are being compensated, as their case is being settled out of court. Menawhile, back here in the real world cancer and alzheimer sufferers are being denied treatment that is apparently 'too expensive'!

krip said...

Jennyta: The world's gone bonkers, hasn't it?