Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christmas: Crucified by do - gooders

I read a superb article in yesterday's Telegraph advocating the decline of the traditional Christmas card.
Now correct me if I am wrong, but shouldn't Christmas cards portray Christmas greetings? Often I am confronted with "Season's Greetings" on a card. So am I meant to be having a happy winter then? It seems that the PC brigade are at it again, in their efforts not to upset ANYBODY unless of course you are a white, English law abiding citizen. I truly believe that we are now an ethnic minority within this country, therefore why are we not entitled to all the benefits offered to all other ethnic minorities?
I gave up enjoying Christmas years ago. Ask most kids of what they think Christmas is all about and they will scream at you, "PRESENTS" and not just two or three either. Doing our weekly shop this morning was a pain. Got there nice and early (I thought) about 8.30 but already the shop was filling up with Christmas shoppers pushing trollies with mounds of food of which most will get ditched. And there is still two weeks to go.
The stomach churning adds depicting a CD with some little angels singing Christmas carols for only £10.99 make me want to vomit. No correct that. Projectile vomit.
I am going to have to stop now, because I am winding myself up to a full blown rant and I don't think people are ready for that. Maybe after fucking Christmas, eh?
Bah bloody humbug.

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the letter b said...

calm down, krip. but then, have you read about that swimming pool in Croydon imposing the women-on-weekend-only rule recently? so that Muslim men can have the entire pool to themselves? just because "Islam dictates its followers not to expose any part of their body".

yeah, but there's always the sea for them to go swim innit? that's what muslims over here have done - they go to the beach to have fun not imposing their beliefs on the majority. but then being Malay and peace loving, they just don't want to stir the hornet's nest.

i can't believe all this hogwash that's happening to the UK.

krip said...

Believe me, it gets worse every day.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I hear there is an opening for a replacement Santa Claus at that big store in Gillingham -"Poundstretcher" - the other guy was a dope-smoking paedophile. I am putting your name forward as I think your last post demonstrated that you have all the qualities required to make a kindly Santa. May I humbly advise lining your lap with cling-film as children's urination can often lead to painful rashes. Have a nice day!

Masher said...

Being an atheist, Christmas holds no religious connotations for me whatsoever, and so - like the kids - I'm also in it for the food, drink and presents.

Roger said...

Christmas....a load of commercialised media driven spending frenzy.
But I am all in favour of calling christmas Christmas.
Maybe we are all dreaming of a white Christmas.

alfie said...

All the best for the new year Krip - it's got to get better this year hasn't it?