Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sad rail death

On my local news last night there was a tragic story of a young girl who lost her life while taking a short cut home along a railway line.
The inquest gave a verdict of accidental death.
But no, the family are not happy with this. They are trying to sue Railtrack for allegedly not showing any warning signs indicating that the live rail was on the outside of the track.
I realise that the family are wracked with grief and are lashing out in their time of despair, but they have to understand that this girl was half pissed and walking beside a live railway line in the pitch darkness. A recipe for disaster if ever I saw one.
Everybody knows that you are taking a risk by walking along the track and there are always adequate signs indicating the hazards at level crossings.
The sooner they accept the fact that she took a risk whilst under the influence, the better for all concerned.
It saddens me that society has slipped into this compensation culture where it seems that everybody looks for someone to blame and to gain financially from it.
Accidents happen and always will.
Deal with it.

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the letter b said...

i know this is a tad late, krip. the bit about the family blaming the railway company for the feckless bird's death? it's the same with one of the 5 murdered whore's mother who claimed that it's drugs that led her daughter into prostitution. "it's the drugs fault", as she was reported saying.

im sorry but after reading that sentence, whatever pity i felt for the victim vanished in double quick time. and i thought it's the individual who's responsible for the path he chooses to take in life.