Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Watch the birdie

For the last couple of weeks we have had a couple of strangers visit us on a regular basis.
Usually they pop in about three times a day to gorge themselves stupid. No I don't mean some old tramp and his tart, our visitors are of the feathered variety.
A pure white dove accompanied by her escort, a very handsome racing pigeon now use the krip residence for their breakfast, dinner and tea. They are inseparable. Where one is, the other is never far away. I know somebody around our area keeps racing pigeons because I often see them wheeling around overhead. They are quite skittish, but I will attempt to take a picture, next time they call.
Mrs k has named them 'Charles and Camilla'. They do look quite regal.


"Alice" said...

And the two are a bit snobby. No one is allowed to eat until they are finished.

Brian said...

They're sure to crap on your head sooner or later.

Anonymous said...
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