Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ex boxer shot in face for asking a bloke to put his fag out.

After reading this, I wonder where this country is going.
But didn't the government in the aftermath of the Dunblane tragedy ban all hand guns to stop this sort of thing from happening?
It appears that is de rigeur to go out for the evening 'tooled up'.


Jennyta said...

At least partially the result of young people who have passsed through the education system in the full knowledge that they can do and say anything they like and no-one has the power to do anything about it except suspend them for a couple of days, releasing them to wreak havoc in the wider community.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Sad loss. Seems the poor man was just a customer asked to back up the staff. I have heard of dying for a fag but that ain't funny. No way. Bastards!

krip said...

The demise of corporal punishment in schools has a lot to answer for. A blackboard rubber on the back of the head didn't do me any harm.

kennamatic said...

Too right Jennyta. MY partner has just seen the back of the Year 6 from Hell. They were uncontrollable by all the teachers regardless of experience and were like it since they started in recetion. Their mothers of course thought they were all little darlings. Three weeks ago whilst one little B was hitting hell out of another she pulled the agressor off. She was then reported by it's mother for yanking it's arm and hurting it. I want them to let me in as an enforcer Then we'd see some fun!!!!!