Friday, August 24, 2007

Insurance, the white mans burden

How do I know that the car insurance is due?

Because the Amazon rain forest has this week been seriously depleted to provide all the paper for every insurance company known to man to line my hallway with their "exclusive offers to a safe driver like me".

It appears that once the half century has been reached, a transformation occurs. No longer are you that naive, thrill seeking boy racer with ne'er a care in the world as you unflinchingly splatter hedgehogs and drench old ladies with kerbside puddles. Once over fifty, you become sensible and plodding and therefore less of a risk.

HAH!! I've fooled 'em.

Hedgehogs still quake at my approach and octogenarians of either sex don waterproof gear once I wheel spin out of the drive.

Who am I trying to kid? I am what they think I am. And yes, I have looked at the SAGA quote. Aren't they bloody expensive? I may be over fifty, but I cannot afford to lose either an arm or a leg to pay their premiums.

No, I shall do what every upstanding citizen does and go for the cheapest one.

Whatever happened to taking risks?......sigh


N.B. The title is an episode from the Goon show and not some underhand racist remark. So stop all hopping about, it just seemed appropriate to my whinge.


Silverback said...

If the mention of SAGA wasn't enough, then even KNOWING about The Goons has removed all doubt about your 'boy racer' status !!

Actually I couldn't wait to get with SAGA for car and house insurance and their premiums HAVE been the cheapest for me. Odd how it can differ so much.

Maybe your years of hedgehog carnage have counted against you.


Jennyta said...

You can't go with SAGA - think of your street cred! And, yes, they are expensive for car insurance.

kennamatic said...

I found SAGA expensive too. Help the Aged keep writing to me but I daren't open the envelopes in case they contain some sort of magic dust that ages me more rapidly than life appears to have done.

krip said...

Yes,I've binned SAGA (you're right about the street cred Jenny) and I've plumped for that bloody annoying dog that does a Mr Mainwaring impression. Got a good deal too.

Bloody hell!!! I'm old enough to qualify for SAGA? Where have all the years gone?

kennamatic: I'm expecting a knock from the zimmer frame manufacturers any day now.

silverback: I think you're right about the hedgehogs. I'm pretty sure they submitted a personal protest to me even driving at all.