Saturday, September 15, 2007

"Now move along please sir"

Oh how many times do we hear this.

"Travelers have today moved onto a site close to residential areas and the local council and Police have received complaints about noise, mess and abusive behaviour from these temporary residents.
The council is applying for an eviction notice which will take several days to be enforced"

This happened in Rainham this week in a car park of a disused building. Several pikey scum decided in their own subtle way, that they were going to call this place home whether anybody liked it or not.

Now we all know how hard it is to shift these bastards, well shock horror, they were gone the next day.

How can this be? You may well ask yourself.

The place in question was a disused Police Station car park.

Nuff said?


Yorkshire Pudding said...

"pikey scum"... "these bastards"? What, did one of em try to sell you some clothes' pegs or misread yer fortune?
No phone call from my daughter because I don't own a mobile and the school reception finishes at 4.30 and the phone in the english office can only be heard at one metre distance.

krip said...

Luckily for you tykes, the pikey scum tend to favour us darn sarf. Richer pickings I suppose. You have to experience them close up to realise that they are what they are.

kennamatic said...

One just conned a mate of mine out of 3 1/2 grand. I've put him touch with a friend of a friend who's known for debt recovery. That will be one less of them able to walk or indeed travel anywhere, for a bit.

Steve said...

We get them a lot in Manchester. everytime they arrive, stay a few days and leave a load of shite behind that I - as a taxpayer - have to pay to get shifted.