Sunday, October 21, 2007

Proud to be English

Biggest reaction of last nights match in my local boozer.

1. Our brave England lads running on to the field at the start of hostilities - No

2. Belting out our National Anthem (all pussy footballers, take note) - No

3. The 'Australian' official who made us wait three agonising minutes before disallowing that try - No

4. Jason Robinson sadly ending his career with a damaged shoulder - No

5. Our plucky lads final defeat by an admittedly superior side on the night - No

Do you know what made them raise the roof at the Flying Saucer last night?

Gordon Browns smug, fucking Scottish mug, that's what.

Standing there in his suit and tie (does he ever wear anything else?) next to that equally slimy French git, Sarkozy. What the bloody hell was a haggis eater doing supposedly supporting the English rugby team? Who invited him? And I bet he didn't pay for his ticket, either. Probably came just to gloat. Ditto for his Gallic mate.

Priceless quote of the night from a pretty blonde thing who spent most of the evening proudly thrusting her 'new boobs' under any testosterone filled males nose.

" What colour are our side playing in?"

I kid you not.............Bless!

(Well I had to look. It would have been rude not to.)

We lost, but we lost with dignity and pride. Isn't it great being born an Englishman?


Anonymous said...

Snag is that because the week end was a story of England getting shafted on the rugger field, F1 racing and soccer the emphasis was on "England" if they had been victorious it would have been "Britain". More importantly was the report that Scotland - to add to free university education, free eye tests, free dentistry, free care in old age and free central heating - is to abolish NHS prescription charges (as in Wales), give Scottish children free school dinners and reduce class sizes to 18, now that is what I call a good shafting - England will pick up the tab.Patrick Harris, English Democrat.

krip said...

And doesn't it piss you off.....

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Yes it is great being born an Englishman but being born both an Englishman and a Yorkshireman - now that is something to be very proud of indeed. Sorry you only qualify on one front! I agree about Brownie brown-nosing at the rugby final when we all know that the Scotch want England to lose at anything we play - even if it was conkers with Osama bin Laden. Brown is no different from other haggis munchers.

wjm said...
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