Monday, October 10, 2005

The will of Allah?

Mmm. I am surprised that nobody has claimed that the tragic earthquake in Pakistan was the result of the wrath of Allah for all the recent atrocities performed in his name.

Seeing that the vast majority of terrorists are trained in Pakistan, it does make you stop and think.

Doesn't it?


GaffaUK said...

I thought earthquakes where due to moving tectonic plates but then again maybe God purposefully created these fault lines and sprinkled terrorists and their evil children along them for a laugh?

the letter b said...

and the UK had to send help there when the pakis themselves are content to sow discord and disunity in the very community they grew up in? politics eh?

wrath of god/allah - that's why the tsunami struck in phuket, aceh, blah. but why sri lanka? is it because of the tamil tigers?

MonicaR said...

Where are the Islamofascists now, Krip?! They were just gloating recently about Hurricane Katrina - why do I hear no gloating from them now??!!

It DOES make me stop and think Krip - it DOES!!

krip said...

Spooky, eh?

GaffaUK said...

As far as I understand it the British made a right mess of dividing Pakistan and India - many people died in following mass movement of people. Again I believe a significant number of people from Kashmir want it to be independent.

As for God's fury - that's just Old Testament rubbish. Did all though who die in the US because of earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes over the last 200+ years deserve to die?

the letter b said...

"Did all though who die in the US because of earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes over the last 200+ years deserve to die?"

the probable causes could be the indiscriminate killing of the natives/red indians/aborigines who welcomed them with open arms in 16xx or was it 15xx? anyways, the white man was greedy to the point where he coveted the red man's land. and see what he has done to them? making them stay in reservations, and whatever they do they have to seek the white man's permission.

oh theres more but i'm getting on..

B said...

As Muslims we believe that all such calamities are either trials from God or a punishment from him. The Quraan also tells that God punishes ppl for wrongs they commit only after the right and wrong has been made clear to them but they still persist. These wrongs can be oppression of the poor and weak, cheating, fraud, killings etc etc and all that God has forbidden.

BUT that is for God to judge, and i believe that taking that task for myself and not looking at my own wrongs first, would make God more furious. Our task in such times is to help those ppl and pray for them, like all the good hearted ppl out there do.