Saturday, July 22, 2006

Birds Eye had better watch its back

And Fray Bentos will no doubt be trembling in their boots after glimpsing the fruits of my labours.
Two pea seeds in a couple of feet of soil produced all these babies.
Could I have found my true purpose in life? To be a pea mogul is surely my destiny.
"Whatever next", I hear you cry?
Tomatoes, onions or maybe even broad beans?

The world is my oyster.

No one can stop me now.

Today peas, tomorrow the world. HA HA HAAAAAAAA.

I think I had better go and lie down for a while


Jennyta said...

Very impressive, Krip. (WAtch your blood pressure!)

Mike said...

Nice one Kryp, we've been doing on our vegetable patch produce for a couple of weeks now. We've a good pea crop, the lettuces are ready, we've polished off 2 already. The early potatoes have done well but have now finished. The 2nd planting sould be due for picking in a week or two.

We've also got the tomatos ripening nicely and the odd pepper or two are showing. The chilli peppers are just about starting to develop too.

The carrots have failed miserably, and the sping onions aren't looking too good but we may get a few develop out of the crop planted. The broad beans which are so easy to grow are flowering and are looking as if a good crop is on the cards. But we tend to grow them because we like the flowers rather than for the crop. We collect the seeds to plant for next year. :)

Everything home grown tasts so much betetr than the stuff in shops and we know that they are truely organic.

krip said...

Yes I am definately hooked. I am already organising next years crop.

Colin Wright said...

Hey Kryp, we're going to be keeping an eye on you now...

Lovely crop, keep it up:-)