Saturday, July 22, 2006

A summers morn

I took this picture at five thirty a.m. last week whilst taking Barney for his morning constitutional in our local wood.

It sums up everything I love about summer on this sceptred isle.

Good, isn't it?


bazza27 said...

A beautiful photo, I'd have been proud of this myself.

Jennyta said...

Absolutely lovely and so peaceful.

St Jude said...

It's beautiful.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Wow! A lovely picture mate. How fortunate you had your camera with you. This summer continues to be the best one I have ever known - so why the hell am I off to Turkey next week? Well - the swimming will be nicer.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Your picture is now my computer "background" but please don't hit me with a big copyright bill!

krip said...

Thanks all. Not bad for a 'box brownie', eh? ;-)

YP. Be my guest. I am not one of these uptight prats who bemoan the fact somebody has nicked their photies. Life's for sharing.
Now if you have any shots of young, nubile twenty somethings accidently caught in a shower wearing a tight fitting white t-shirt, I would like to study them. Purely for artistic merit of course.
P.S. Why are you off to Turkey? You'll catch the dreaded 'Delhi Belly' you know :)

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Dear Mr Krippen,
I don't have any of the pictures you require but according to a man I met in my local, if you go to Google Image Search and type in "Sex woman shower" you will get back the kind of artistic poses you are after. Be wary though for this may cause, not Delhi Belly but Gillingham Willingham!
Mr Pudding

krip said...

LOL :0

-sry said...

It's a lovely photo and I have to tell you, I've found sunrise (or just before dawn occasionally) to be the most MAGICAL moments on Earth. The silence and then the sounds of bugs and birds and life just waking up, one at a time. I love to get up at "Oh Dark Thirty" and just watch/listen to it.

Then all the PEOPLE get up and start making noise and, ah well. Nice while it lasted. Lucky us, it happens anew each morning.

Lemmee know if you figure out how to stop the world so we can get off (I am actually old enough m'self to remember that song and have always loved the lyric)


Anonymous said...

Looks like a beautiful place for your dog to take a dump in - hope you had your poo-bag with you...

QuillDancer said...

Enchanted Forest

Within this forest witches walk,
They cheat and steal and lie.
Cats are King and frogs can talk,
And boys and monkeys fly.

Within this green and leafy bower
by chance a prince and maid will meet.
He will be looking for a bride,
She'll wear glass slippers on her feet.

Within this forest a maiden sighs
Locked in her ivory tower.
A handsome prince comes riding by
And saves her with love's power.

Enchantment whispers on the breeze,
Escapes the natural bonds of time;
It clings to roots and glistens on leaves,
Waking fairy tales and nursery rhymes.

Charlene L. Amsden

Anonymous said...

What sceptred isle? If you mean England, it's not an isle. Sorry, I don't know Krip. Is this somewhere in Wales? Or is it the Schwarzwald? It could be anywhere really, couldn't it? Or is their something sacred in this one?