Thursday, July 27, 2006

"Environmental Agency employee saved from certain drowning"

Whilst watching my regional TV news show tonight, I was interested in an article they were showing concerning improving the flow of the river Dour situated in Dover.

A representative of the Environment Agency was at hand to answer the reporters questions.

Get this. The man was standing in a foot of water, yes a foot (as were all his colleagues that were working on the project)with a bloody lifejacket on.

I could not belieeeeeeve it.

A perfect example of Health and Safety gone bonkers.

See blog title.


bazza27 said...

A colleague of mine recently completed an abseil for charity, but could not advertise the fact that he was doing it because the "necessary risk assessments were not completed in time". He had to go round saying "no, I really did do it, can you give me some money please"

Jennyta said...

See my post on Jobsworths and the Nanny State, Krip. What sort of world are we living in these days!

krip said...

jennyta: But isn't it strange that everybody thinks the same. I have yet to meet a person who thinks otherwise.
Who is making up all these 'nanny' rules?

krip said...

bazza27: See blog title:)

Lanson said...

In Okehampton, they banned the egg and spoon race!